About Us

Why Choose Clé Properties?

In 2006 Clé Properties opened their Head Office in Kempton Park, with Naomi Kahn as Principal and owner. Our Passion is Service Excellence. This makes us the number one choice if you are  interested in buying or selling property in  the East Rand.

Our well-trained, professional and dedicated staff will see to your needs regarding Residential-, Commercial- and Industrial properties as well as Small Holdings and Farms.

We are geared to assist with obtaining finance when buying property as bond originators “Ooba” are based at our Head Office. The benefit hereof is one central point of contact and quick turn-around time on bond applications in a professional manner.

Clé Properties has proven our drive and tenacity by not only surviving the collapse of the property market in 2008/9, but growing to one of the main players of the industry on the East Rand. We have received numerous awards from Banks and the Residential Network System (RNS)

Our Service Guarantee:

  • Your property will be REGULARLY ADVERTISED in the electronic and printed media until sold;
  • You will receive a WEEKLY REPORT on the progress of the marketing and subsequent sale of your property;
  • You will receive a RETURN CALL within 24 hours of placing a call to our office, cell phone or answering service


       We will endeavour to ACT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST at all times.

Vision, Mission & Values:

VISION      -  Our vision is to become the premier realtor firm regionally and nationally. Leading the industry through customer focus and connected efforts.

MISSION  -  We aim to make the buying and selling of real estate a rewarding experience while maintaining the highest level of service. We will provide accurate                             and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice.

VALUES    -  We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients, employees and community through extraordinary service, supreme integrity, tenacity and drive.